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For over a century, the Alliance Française has been seeing through an ambitious project: Spreading French language and culture well beyond the borders of France. A network of associations set up throughout the world have been benefiting from the Alliance’s mark of quality so as to disseminate the French language abroad. The remarkable longevity and vitality of our institution is due in part to the strong bonds we have built with the citizens, the sponsors of our host country and with the French State. All of the Alliance’s activities (cultural or otherwise), as well as its status as a non-profit association account for some of the ingredients of the Alliance’s current success.


The activities of Alliance Française centers in Nigeria aim at stimulating the cultural scene in the country by making it possible for Francophone or Nigerian well- known or emerging artists to perform.

The principles of the Association

  • Diversity of disciplines
  • Eclecticism in the selection of artists for our programmes
  • Accessibility of our events to all types of audience

Our activities

  • The promotion of Nigerian culture through the discovery and programming of up and coming artists
  • The promotion of French and Francophone culture through the organization of tours
  • Involvement in


The Alliance Française centers in Nigeria provide a wide range of services, in addition to the teaching of French language, the organization of cultural events and the provision of resources about France and the French speaking community. Here are some of them:
  • Distance learning to prepare for examinations (AF Port Harcourt)
  • Trips to France (AF Ibadan & AF Lagos)
  • Translation services (Lagos)
  • Cooking  workshops (Lagos)
  • Spanish & German classes  (Enugu)
  The Alliance Française network in Nigeria works in collaboration with various French and Nigerian partners, capable of ...


Alliance Française offers French classes based on the latest language teaching methods, i.e. the communicative approach and the action-oriented perspective. These methods which make the learner the centre piece of the learning process are aimed at enabling the learner to acquire communication skills faster by means of active readiness to use the language in all circumstances of evereyday life.   Learning is progressive, from the beginner’s level to the advanced level. At each stage, a suitable textbook, along with an exercise and audio ...


At Alliance Française, it is possible to register, several times a year, for major French certifications. Depending on one’s needs, one can select any of the following examinations: Certificates approved by the French Ministry of Education, valid worldwide and for a lifetime:
  • DELF (Diplôme d’étude en langue française) for children, teenagers or adults
  • DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) for adults
An aptitude test, certified by the Centre international d’Etudes pédagogiques, and meant for students who wish to study in France but do not have ...


Alliance Française offers 2 programs for Education Cooperation with schools :   1.    DELF PRIM / DELF JUNIOR   - What’s the DELF exam ? The DELF exam is an official and international examination organized by the French Ministry of Education in 154 countries. It assesses 4 skills: written and oral expression, as well as reading and listening.  As a diploma, the DELF never expires and it is an invaluable asset on a CV.   - Is it in line with our curriculum ? Yes! The DELF is ...


Every Alliance Française center have a resource center which has all the documents needed for learning outside the classroom. In our media libraries, there is a whole range of sub-titled documentaries and fiction movies, books which are read, documents on current issues, and exciting on-line resources, etc... With these resources, the teachers can recommend additional activities, such as:
  • Listening exercises supported with written documents (books which are read) ;
  • Easy-to-read books in French, suitable for the students’ level;
  • Showing of fiction movies with English and French