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The Alliances Françaises are independent associations regulated by local law and bound by a common purpose to the Fondation Alliance Française.

The Alliances Françaises are apolitical and nondenominational, which facilitates establishment and long term continuity in numerous countries where it might be otherwise hard to set up shop. Furthermore, the Alliance’s unique status requires democratic governance, which can serve as an excellent introduction to democratic principles depending upon the country.

The establishment of an Alliance abroad is the sole expression initiatives taken by local Francophiles who wish to share their love of French language and culture with their fellow citizens. Internationally, the Alliances do not play a role as a diplomatic representative of France. We work closely in conjunction with the city, region, educational institutions or the key cultural players, regardless of the country where we are implanted


The Alliance Française Network is present in 137 countries, with about forty General Delegations. Eight of them have over 500, 000 students each for all the courses offered. The Alliance Française has  3 goals :
  • Teaching of French in France and worldwide, with classes for all types of audiences,
  • Making French culture and the culture of French speaking countries better known, in all their aspects,
  • Fostering cultural diversity through the promotion of all cultures.
In Africa, the network is present in 37 countries, with 126 ...


Our Network has ten associations throughout Nigeria. We are present in Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jos, Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Maiduguri, Owerri and Port Harcourt. Each Alliance Française centre is a non-profit making Nigerian association whose memorandum and articles of association are submitted to the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris and the Nigerian government. Each association with the ‘Alliance Française’ Label is managed by a Board of Governors which is referred to as the ’Committee’. The Board has a Chairman who is a Nigerian national, ...