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The Alliance Française Network is present in 137 countries, with about forty General Delegations. Eight of them have over 500, 000 students each for all the courses offered.

The Alliance Française has  3 goals :

  • Teaching of French in France and worldwide, with classes for all types of audiences,
  • Making French culture and the culture of French speaking countries better known, in all their aspects,
  • Fostering cultural diversity through the promotion of all cultures.

In Africa, the network is present in 37 countries, with 126 Alliance Française centers with close to 83,000 students.

The Alliance Française Foundation

The Alliance Française Foundation is the ethical and legal yardstick for the Alliance Française network. When an Alliance Française centre is set up, it applies to the Foundation for recognition, through the approval of its memorandum and articles of association. In case the centre intends to expand, it asks for advice from the Foundation. When it needs training for its staff, it enjoys the support of the Foundation.

The Foundation encourages good governance in the Alliance Française centers. It has experts in geographical zones, who can take the right steps and give advice to an Alliance Française centre when it is faced with challenges.

The Board of Governors of the Foundation is made up of well known personalities, including Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, the Permanent Secretary of the Académie française, Erik Orsenna, a writer, and Bernard Pivot, a journalist.


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